As the green movement continues to reach its popularity globally, more people are learning to embrace the advocacy of veganism too! As the efforts exerted by vegans continued to prosper, more of us had understood why we need to make a stand as soon as possible to take part in this advocacy and help save and respect every living creature in this planet.

Guide for a Vegan Lifestyle

Understanding the basic philosophy of veganism

Veganism and vegetarianism are often misunderstood by many people as they thought that these two terms are the same. Although they have similarities, vegetarianism differs with veganism in a way that the first expresses diet whereas the latter expresses a philosophy which extends to a person’s overall lifestyle. This can simply be expressed in terms of their food choices as vegetarians can eat eggs and dairy products while vegans avoid every animal-based product including honey, eggs, dairies, bags, belts, shoes, etc. Many known celebrities had taken their stand against animal brutality like Anne Hathaway, Carrie Underwood, Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman. They too believed in the philosophy of what vegans are fighting for. Here, we will help you understand what we believe and what we can do for our planet.

Healthy recipes for vegans

Understanding what we are fighting for!

As we are becoming more aware with the global warming and its effects in the ecosystem, the green movement pushed veganism so hard because it can help hugely in the preservation of the degrading state of the planet.

In the recent studies, it was noted that veganism can do a lot in protecting Mother Earth as it lowers the emission of methane gas in the atmosphere which is known to be a major contributor of the global warming. If more people eat meat and patronize animal-based products, industrialized animal farming will continue to boom in the market and continues to destroy the ecosystem. You will learn more as you continue to read our inside stories.

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Through the inside stories

Many people believe that a vegan lifestyle is boring, dull and kills your creativity. Well, allow me to bring you into a life of veganism through this site. Here, we will walk you through our journey as we share our advocacy on why we choose this path.

On this site, you can read different articles that will help you understand our advocacy.

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We highly encourage you to make time reading and understand these articles. It will really help a lot in saving our Mother Earth from getting totally destroyed from the pollution we constantly throw to her. Let us hold hand in hand in saving her by combating the effects of global warming.

And lastly, let us respect life as it should be. We don’t need to hurt other animals just to satisfy our pleasures. As long as there are plants and the plants produce food, make them our choice. Let’s protect our environment as we protect our health by making these healthy choices. Be one of us and be one in us! Help us make the planet a worthy place to live in!

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