5 Helpful Snacks for a Vegan Travelling

Variety of dried fruits

Everyone loves to travel! Everyone in this world will travel once in a while, get some fresh air and have a great new start afterwards, right? Well, in my humble opinion, with all the stress life has to offer, it’s a great thing to sometimes give yourself a break because you truly deserve it after all the hard work done! But, you, landing on this page made me realize that you are worrying because ‘maybe’ travelling for you mean starving yourself on your way to your destination. And let me tell you that your way of thinking is a complete MYTH! Yes, you heard me right! Being a vegan opens you a lot of opportunities to explore numerous ways to feed you and not to starve you. So, I’ve decided to create this page to give you ideas on what to pack with you in your next travel.

Grapes and other fruits chunks
Grapes and other fruit chunks

Stuffing grapes in a zip bag is a great idea for travellers like me. Aside from the fact that it is one of my favorite snacks, grapes can keep you hydrated on your trip. It is one of my favorite trip buddies because it doesn’t mess up with my bag. It gives me a more secured feeling knowing that nothing will accidentally spill and make some mess of my valuables. However, aside from grapes, you can also try packing watermelon or pineapple chunks if grapes are not your thing. But, let me remind you that eating fruits should be done in an empty stomach. Why? It is because fruits break down much faster than protein which can make you suffer
stomach pains afterwards.

Dried fruits

Since we are talking about fruits, why not take some dried fruits with you! When we are travelling, the fresh fruits that we can bring with us will be limited to those who are not delicate and don’t get easily bruise. Bringing with you some dried fruits can be a great option. You can either make your own at home using a dehydrator or an even at lowest setting or you can buy one in the grocery near to you. They are very chewy and take you more time to eat a piece making it great for a boredom eater like me!

A bottle of coconut water

Coconut Water

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated all throughout your trip. And after trying some coconut water on one of my travels, I can say that you must also try one. Its taste gave me a new definition of a refreshing drink, but, with no guilt feeling about moving out from my advocacy.

Roasted chickpeas for boredom

Roasted Chickpeas

These protein-packed gems are a great help to relieve some flight boredom. These crunchy snacks will take some of your time before you totally consume one pack. Just be sure to pick the right flavour for travelling. Some of these flavors are very spicy which made it unfit for long distance trips. So you better be careful in choosing one. You can grab some of these packs in the groceries or make one at home. It depends upon your preference. But in my experience, homemade roasted chickpeas turn soft very quickly that made me decide to buy
a pack instead.

Slices of energy bars

Protein or energy bites

Protein bars or energy bites greatly helps travellers like me. They help boost my energy and aides my hunger. Sometimes, I just grab some vegan bars in the stores. But, most of time, I prefer to make some before my scheduled trip and I suggest you to do the same. That’s if you still have much time to prepare though! In my case, I always prepare everything ahead of time to make sure that everything is well, complete and all set for the trip. Of course, who wants to mess your travel experience, right?

Well, I don’t expect you to follow this list just because this bunch works well with me. It might be that the one working for me will not work for you too! There are factors you need to consider in travelling such as the way your stomach reacts with the food you eat. Take time in understanding how your body function because we are all unique. What I laid forth in this page are merely suggestions that might work for you too. Just try to keep this in mind. When taking a flight, you must do or bring the following with you:
 Keep yourself hydrated

 Pack some sources of protein for energy

 Foods that takes time to consume to ease boredom  Crunchy foods to keep your mouth busy

 Foods that hold up well and don’t bruise easily

 Pack some sources of protein for energy

 Foods that takes time to consume to ease boredom

 Crunchy foods to keep your mouth busy

 Foods that hold up well and don’t bruise easily
Taking a trip should be a great experience to look forward to and remember. That is why preparing well can always do the trick. Have fun and enjoy in your next travel destination and bring home good memories to share!

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